The Brass Bones team manages the interior design process from conception to installation - through the process working alongside builders, special trades and artisans to create a space that is planned with intent and managed with integrity.

From single room to whole-home scope, we administer each project in the same manner - ensuring the design process is an enjoyable one for our clients. Our full service experience follows a concise 10 step project management strategy. By engaging clients in this standard of procedures, we find they feel comfortable for the duration of the project - always knowing where they stand.



  • STEP 1 Consultation: with Morgan Taylor

  • STEP 2 Project Acceptance: signing of agreement, receipt of first payment, scheduling of design concept meeting


  • STEP 3 Project Launch: on-site measurements, photos and final criteria meeting

  • STEP 4 Design & Documentation: execution of floor plans and elevations, sourcing goods and services, procuring estimates

  • STEP 5 Presentation: visual display of furnishings and materials, presentation of estimates


  • STEP 6 Order Placement: assessment of delivery lead times

  • STEP 7 Labor: onsite meeting / management with trades

  • STEP 8 Furniture Installation & Styling: furniture is delivered and placed, accessories are purchased

  • STEP 9 Client Reveal

  • STEP 10 Project Closure Meeting: any deficiencies are identified & resolved, presentation of final invoices


Every project begins with a consultation. During this working meeting, we walk through the project site and discuss details of the design. We cover topics such as furniture layout, color story, design aesthetic, function of the space and address any specific questions or concerns you have regarding your project. By the end of this meeting, we will have created a detailed scope of work, and essentially, you will be able to move forward with the project on your own with this list of steps, or decide you would like to move forward working alongside Brass Bones Design to complete your project.

Learn more about our consultations HERE.


Our design services are billed out at $138/hour and are invoiced to the client each month. An hourly fee ensures that only time required for your project is charged to you. The hourly fee covers all duties listed above plus all of the behind the scenes management that keeps your project moving forward on time and on budget.

*Monthly invoices are sent along with a log sheet where clients have complete transparency and full understanding where their time is spent and funds are being used