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Do you think approaching an interior design project seems intimidating? Brass Bones Design makes it very simple - tell us what we need to know and we find a way to express that for you.

Our mission is to create spaces that are beautiful and functional. We are committed to taking your ideas, the feeling you want to create, and translating that in a way that you would not have thought to on your own. In the process, Brass Bones Design strives to educate - introducing you to new materials and ways to break the “rules” by incorporating a sense of lightheartedness to make every space feel inviting and approachable, no matter the style.

We have built a business focused around integrity - not just for us, but also our network of collaborating vendors, trades and artisans. We rely on experience, expertise and impeccable integrity to complete projects on time and on budget, with consistently pleasing results.

To clients who have a very strong vision, we provide the tools and resources to do so. For those who are less sure, we guide to help them develop their own aesthetic throughout the process. From single room to full-scale projects, we align our expertise with your inspiration to create a space you are happy to live, work, and play.

There are many designers out there with great style. To us, It’s not nearly as important what we do as how we do it. When you work with us, we don’t just provide you a design service, but with a unique experience.


Morgan Taylor was raised in the suburbs of Northern Virginia in a home where the television was always set on HGTV. This influenced her passion for interiors at an early age and from then, began to form her perspective on design.

While pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Studio Arts, Taylor ended up becoming heavily involved in the Interior Design extracurriculars which led to her joining the National Interior Design Society where she was offered to hold a leadership role.

Soon after, she landed an internship with Washington D.C.’s Premier Home Staging firm. It was a fun environment where she quickly advanced to a permanent position with the team as Chief Buyer. The position, which she held for five great years, gave her the experience she has today as the intimate ally between her clients and her vendors.

In 2013, Taylor launched her own design company, Brass Bones, which got its start based in Metropolitan Washington D.C. She truly believes in spaces that are luxurious AND approachable. Taylor is obsessed with modern art (a self-proclaimed Andy Warholian) and you will see pop art influences throughout her designs.

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