Consultations are ideal for the client who is ready
to kick-start a project and wants guaranteed results.

This is the time we allow the client to walk us through the project. We learn the goals of your project, spend time developing a scope of work and answering all your questions to provide valuable insight.

The goal here is clear and open communication - no holding back great ideas. The consultation is a working meeting to help you become clear about design direction and how you will move your project forward.

For DIY clients, a one-time visit can solve your design dilemmas, offer an objective opinion and provide concrete direction for you to implement on your own. For furniture placement, selecting paint colors, creating a plan for a remodel or whatever your needs may be - suggestions provided happen during this two-hour onsite meeting. Full-Service clients will find the consultation the ideal jumping off point for their project - establishing a scope of work and design direction during the meeting.

Each consultation is followed up with a Consultation Summary including a list of suggestions to help you take action following the meeting.


Determining design style / Defining your budget / Creating a functioning space / Space planning

Integrating new furnishings with existing pieces / Paint colors and color scheme / Artwork and placement / Lighting ideas

Furniture recommendations / Adding personality / Rug and window treatment ideas / Creating a focal point

Our consultation fee is $320 for one session up to two hours.