Art is usually the most in-depth conversation when it comes to selecting pieces for a client’s project. It’s so subjective, and for most, when considering a piece of artwork, you either just love it or you don’t - with or without reason.

I’m rounding up a few of my favorite artists at the moment who are creating really eclectic pieces. Some are gaining popularity by being spotted in celebrity homes, and others are lesser known, younger designers who are following not too far behind.

I love the dynamic mix of textures and traditional media — neon, screen-printing, and unusual applications of oil paint. The juxtaposition between modern application and vintage subject matter make these pieces amazing statements when placed among classic silhouettes of furnishings and antique finds.


Strange Things

With Halloween right around the corner, I found it the perfect time to share with you something on the creepier side of design. Now I don't celebrate Halloween - so this is really me just admitting my weirdness and displaying my love for these creepy little things on any old day of the year. They're definitely different and much more difficult to convince clients to want them included in their projects, but they're such fun pieces that would be total conversation starters in any space. I think every space needs a little "weird" element. Besides, what really is considered normal?

While I wouldn't go overboard by mixing too many of these in the same space, just one of them combined with a streamlined aesthetic in the rest of the space would be so fun to look at. It's all about balance.


Aren't these pieces so fun? Tell me I didn't just win you over!
If you're still thinking on it, tell me decor item you may be willing to try in your space!



1. Natural Curiosities Rehberg Insect Art 2. Lola Decanter 3. Lola Round Box
4. Elmira Brass Ant Sculptures 5. NewWall Buggie Wallpaper 6. Cobra Brass Door Handles
5. Popham Design Scarab Cement Tiles 6. Lindstrom Rugs Scarab
7. Skull Planter 8. Fliepaper Wallpaper

*shown counter clock-wise from top left