Art is usually the most in-depth conversation when it comes to selecting pieces for a client’s project. It’s so subjective, and for most, when considering a piece of artwork, you either just love it or you don’t - with or without reason.

I’m rounding up a few of my favorite artists at the moment who are creating really eclectic pieces. Some are gaining popularity by being spotted in celebrity homes, and others are lesser known, younger designers who are following not too far behind.

I love the dynamic mix of textures and traditional media — neon, screen-printing, and unusual applications of oil paint. The juxtaposition between modern application and vintage subject matter make these pieces amazing statements when placed among classic silhouettes of furnishings and antique finds.


Shearling Is A Sure Thing

At Brass Bones Design, we're not big on following strict rules of seasonal trends. Rather, we use them as a way to become inspired and encourage us to push the button when creating spaces.

Faux fur in interiors is a trend that has been popular in recent months, but we love this twist of shearling instead. When used as upholstery paired with a contemporary silhouette, it's a creative way to maintain a modern look while adding warmth and a sense of lightheartedness.

From boucle to sherpa, here are some of our favorite new pieces we've seen from our vendors -


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Nordstom Anniversary Sale Picks

It only comes once a year and that is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - where for two short weeks in the summer NEW items all across the board are marked down heavily for customers to take advantage of amazing prices before being bumped up to regular price.

No other retailer has ever executed a promotion quite like this one and shoppers go crazy for it. Most, however are excited for back-to-school savings on clothing and shoes and I don't think nearly enough consumers are paying attention to amazingly priced high quality (even some luxury) home goods available at prices lower than you'll ever see.

In the past few years, Nordstrom has expanded the offerings of their home line, even now carrying well-known brands of furniture, decor and tech products. I've rounded up some great steals that'll save you literally hundreds of dollars. There's something for every room in the house.

 Get to shopping 'cause there's only one week left! Here's what's in my shopping cart -