Small Bedroom Savers

When living in the city, there are often some challenges you face; in most cases square footage. The best way to approach attractive organization in small spaces is to acknowledge the actual space you have to work with. Here are some innovative ways on making the most out of your limited space.

An accent wall demands attention; adding a wall covering or faux feature like brick veneer distracts from the size of the space and adds to the industrial vibe. [Source]

Mirrors create depth and large mirror surfaces reflect light and make a room appear larger. [Source]

An exposed wall system is a stylish way to overcome limited storage space in an attractive way. [Source]

A floating bed frame with built in side tables is a unique way to add openness to your room. A visual of as much floor space as possible makes the room appear more spacious. [Source]

Introducing glass and acrylic pieces are functional and beautiful and they don't take up any visual space. [Source]

Large art over a bed creates hierarchy and adds draws the eye up and adds height to your space. [Source]

Not only do floating shelves create storage, but they're a great way to display personality and and introduce color into your space. White shelves on a white wall blend into the room and allow your belongings to remain the feature. [Source]