Double Duty

With spending so much time in the kitchen during the holidays, I can't help but keep my wheels turning on how the perfect kitchen could be designed. Ideal storage, ample counter space, unhindered walkways - my design brain just doesn't stop.

Years ago, my parents were fortunate enough to buy their dream house (of course it was once I'd gone off to college). Anyway - it was kind of a huge house, with a huge kitchen that had a HUGE island. It was all people would talk about when they would visit for the first time, and it was a step up from the peninsula in their old kitchen that was constantly over-cluttered.

It seemed though, this new kitchen island seemed just as overwhelmed as the old one. The bigger the surface, the more you want to spread ingredients around, and the more people wanted to surround.

This is a kitchen trend I've totally found myself overlooking: the double island. It makes double the statement, and double the impact - breaking up the room perfectly, adding a better flow around the kitchen, and adding more opportunity for a beautiful surface area.